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Unicare Individual Insurance-- Insurance for you and/or your family. Get a quote online...then apply!   Unicare offers major medical or short term insurance for Individuals, Families, and Children. Unicare also offers  Medicare Supplement, Term Life and Dental Insurance.

Assurant Insurance- (formerly Fortis/John Alden)-
Student Select Medical Insurance- for college students. Get a quick quote and apply for insurance specifically to meet the needs of college students.

Assurant Insurance- (formerly Fortis/John Alden)-
Short-Term Medical Insurance to protect you while you are waiting for individual or group insurance to start. Great for filling in the gap while you are looking for a new job...many times short-term insurance helps to keep you covered. Get a quick quote and apply on-line. In most cases this insurance can go into effect within about 48 hours.

Assurant Insurance- (formerly Fortis/John Alden)-
Supplemental Insurance to protect you and your paycheck. Supplemental Insurance pays you- not the doctor or hospital. Supplemental insurance helps you to pay medical bills or household bills when you are effected by a bout with Cancer or Accident or Heart Attack, or ???
Specific policies for Critical Illness, Cancer, Accident, Disability coverage...Get a quick quote and apply on-line.

International Medical Group (IMG)-
For International Travel- if you are sunbathing on the beach or scuba diving or hang gliding or on a mission, IMG has the plan to keep you covered while you are out of the USA. Reasonable rates for 5 days or annually. Check rates online and apply now.

Creative and Affordable Solutions with A rated companies

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